About eCase

eCase is an enterprise strength software solution for the health and social care sectors. Our clients include providers of Residential Aged Care, Retirement Villages, Home Care, Primary Health Care and Disability Support.  The software can be run from within cloud infrastructure (SaaS) or as an in-house application. Third party communication tools or a VPN connection are not mandatory for smooth operation. All that is required is a web browser.

eCase is able to be rapidly deployed, and is scalable to operate across any number of beds or objects, without losing performance. With constant innovation behind the software and greater knowledge of the reporting environment and care requirements, it provides superior outcomes for both carers and clients.

eCase has a modern and consistent browser-based user interface where the ‘person’ is central to all functionality. In most instances information is found within two mouse clicks. The interface is intuitive and ‘web-familiar’, making for shorter learning curves and faster deployments. It has predictive text, standardised terms, recognisable icons and symbols, in order to cater for differing levels of literacy and computer knowledge.

The software can be run from within cloud infrastructure (SaaS)
or as an in-house application.

eCase Modules

Medication Management

The eCase Medication Management Module mitigates the risks associated with medication administration; eradicating ‘paper-based’ or outdated systems that may lead to incorrect dosing or timing, distraction and signature omissions.

eCase draws upon the MIMS database of quality, independent medicine information to provide users with comprehensive drug information including photos, interaction data and alternate therapy data.

Fully integrated with the eCase Single Client Record Architecture (SCRA), all medication management data is also immediately available within the eCase Business Intelligence (BI) Module.

eCase Medication Management provides:

• Clear drug image data
• Integration with ACFI
• Alerts for drug interactions and their severity
• Integration with resident movements
• Tracking of all medications in one repository
• Improves efficiency
• Mitigates compliance risks
• Improves quality of care
mitigates the risks associated with medication administration

mitigates the risks associated with medication administration

Home Care and Disability Support

eCase for Home Care and Disability Support has been specifically designed to support care providers and their clients.  A ‘person’ centric system ensures that care recipients’ requirements and preferences are automatically matched to care staff skills. This occurs through a superior rostering function that recognises similar patterns and becomes predictive as ‘it learns’.

GPS mapping provides visual routes and travel times. The system also ‘geo-stamps’ locations along with start and finishing times of carers, providing a multitude of advantages, not the least of which is the safety of the carer.

Carers are provided with instant access to their client details, referrals, diagnosis, alerts, and contacts. Managers are able to oversee organisational functions with superior reporting outcomes, making decision making easier and more accurate.

eCase Home Care provides:

• Quote generation
• Activity configuration
• Client-Carer matching
• Automated service plans
• GPS mapping and ‘geo-stamping’
• Single Client Record Architecture
• Report generation
• Predictive analysis of required consumables
• Secure log in for allied health and other services
• Integration with financial systems
Disability Support and Home Care app

Disability Support and Home Care app