Helping you deliver the retirement living experience consumers want

eCase Retirement Living is a single system designed to meet all the requirements of Retirement Living as consumer expectations change and grow. eCase supports retirement living operators to provide a critical combination of community support and care as and when needed. Gain full oversight of all aspects of your retirement living business, meet governance requirements and enhance productivity – to be part of the solution that all Australians deserve.

Why use eCase?

We use the best of modern technology to help you give your clients the retirement living experience they want, with the care and services they need.

Maximise Occupancy

Benefit from complete visibility of resident occupancy and optimise your marketing strategy

Future Proof Your Business

Improve clinical care capability and provide personalised community and home care as and when needed

Streamline Financials

Instant access to real-time data and asset registry information ensures an accurate financial position is always available

Reduce IT Overhead

Simplify and centralise your IT environment with one easy platform for high quality end-to-end care

Key features for Retirement Living

Resident CRM

A comprehensive resident database with real-time access optimises business productivity.

  • Captured resident information can be used to inform marketing strategies and optimise budgets.
  • Maximise occupancy and manage potential residents from leads to sales, with complete visibility at all times.
  • Streamline the journey from Retirement Living into Residential Aged Care as needed.
  • Collect data across multiple sites to track growth and determine demand.

Financial management

Automated and centralised funding and billing capabilities replace manual, time-consuming processes. Enjoy greater workforce efficiency while increasing the accuracy and integrity of your funding and billing data.

  • Easily integrated into the financial management system of your choice, streamlining financial processes.
  • Automated government funding reconciliations provides greater oversight of expected and actual funding.
  • A single resident financial profile to simplify billing and allows for tailored invoicing of additional services.
  • Generate exit billing statements and refund reports, allowing for efficient final reviews to expedite RAD/RAC/Bond/Loan refunds.

Home Care Service Management

eCase Home Care helps to streamline your home care services delivery and ensure that community and clinical care needs are met without compromise.

  • Support personalised, high-quality care in the home enabling clients to live a happy, independent life for longer.
  • A contemporary mobile app provides access to client profiles, clinical information, care plans and appointments at the point of care.
  • Manage your home care scheduling, funding, billing and reporting in a single, unified system.


Single Client Record

Individualised care plans, clinical assessments and accurate resident information are easily accessible supporting a consistent quality of care.

  • A simple integrated software solution that removes room for error.
  • A seamless continuity of care as residents transition through their care journey.
  • Holistic resident data means informed, and effective decisions can be made at every stage.


Create the software connections that are most important to your business for greater effectiveness and productivity.

  • Easily integrate your data with third party systems of your choice.
  • Automate workflows with simple and effective solutions.
  • Improve efficiencies and care outcomes with smart technology.
  • Let the software do the hard work for you and enjoy a fully integrated experience.

Consolidated Reporting

Sophisticated reporting and data analytics using customised tools for informed business decisions.

  • Analytical dashboards save time and resources giving instant access to key data points.
  • Intuitive reporting tools enable advanced data insights.
  • Visual data is crucial to highlighting patterns and behaviours across multiple locations.
  • Data easily shared amongst key stakeholders for enhanced communication and understanding.

“A collaboration with Health Metrics ensures we have a system fit for purpose for each of our models of care, as well as a technology partner who can scale with us as we expand our services. The eCase platform will also reduce the administrative workload for our staff and allow us to focus on what we do best which is to provide high quality care.”

Amana Living|CEO, Stephanie Buckland

“We really wanted a system that would manage residents within a one single record architecture. I wanted one system that would track people across our entire organisation and eCase provided that.”

Todd Yourell|CEO, St Andrews Village Ballina

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