Residential aged care solutions made simple

The eCase platform is designed to give time back. Our single unified platform streamlines clinical, operational and financial business needs to enable the delivery of sustainable, profitable models of care. Resident care plans are always accessible in our easy-to-use portal, providing staff with access to real-time data, assessments, medications and resident profiles, with all compliance and regulations met as standard. With eCase, residents can experience the highest quality of care with the confidence that their needs will be met at every stage of their journey.

Why use eCase?

By harnessing the best of modern technology, we improve the resident and staff experience to ensure the delivery of personalised, quality care.


Meet and report on Quality Standards with confidence with simple dashboards that integrate core systems and metrics into a single view.

Staff Retention

One unified system means less time spent on admin and more time to focus on delivering exceptional resident care.

Time Savings

Automation and streamlined processes improve productivity and put valuable time back in your day.


Real-time access to centralised information enables staff to make informed decisions to support resident-centred care.

Key features for the residential aged care sector

Catering Management

Streamline resident dietary management and reduce risk

  • Streamline your catering management process from resident meal ordering to food delivery.
  • Capture residents’ dietary requirements, including portion size, allergens and textures.
  • A single source of truth for dietary requirements eliminates data entry errors by entering information only once and reduces risk.
  • Centralised menu planning improves operational efficiency and productivity.

Single Client Record

Individualised care plans, clinical assessments and accurate resident information are easily accessible in a single client record, supporting consistent quality of care.

  • A simple integrated software solution that removes room for error.
  • Seamless continuity of care for residents and staff across inter-disciplinary teams.
  • Real-time accurate data means informed decisions can be made at every stage.

Resident Management

Simplify the complexity of financial management with automated and centralised funding and billing capabilities

  • AN-ACC ready to optimise funding.
  • Billing systems to streamline resident fees and charges.
  • Integration with finance systems of choice.


Resident CRM

A comprehensive database enables improved planning and optimisation

  • Up to date occupancy rates at a glance.
  • Holistic view of current and future residents to support staff planning.
  • Active waiting lists in real time.
  • Electronic quotes and contracts to streamline the admissions process.


Create the ecosystem that best supports your business and resident needs for greater effectiveness and productivity.

  • Easily integrate with third party systems of your choice.
  • Automate workflows with simple solutions.
  • Improve efficiencies and care outcomes with a single source of truth.
  • Let the software do the hard work for you.

Consolidated Reporting

Sophisticated reporting and data analytics using customised tools and digital solutions for informed business decisions.

  • Analytical dashboards save time and resources giving instant access to key data points.
  • Intuitive reporting tools enable advanced insights.
  • Visual data highlights critical patterns and clinical behaviours.
  • Data can easily be shared amongst key stakeholders for enhanced communication and understanding.

“All of a resident’s work logs are available to carers via the eCase app and a resident may have 15 to 20 work logs generated just for one shift. I’ve had residents tell me that they see more of staff now, because the staff aren’t spending time in the office trying to document for an hour and a half, instead of being on the floor.”

Rebecca Hetherington|Care Services Administrator, St Andrews Village Ballina

“I have worked with eCase senior consultants for many years now. To be honest with you, they are well abreast of the changes and know exactly where they’re going and what they’re going to do with the system. So I have 100 per cent confidence.”

Lauren Hehir|Operations Manager, Rosary Home

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