Home Care solutions for better client outcomes

eCase Home Care uses advanced technology to help older Australians live independently and stay at home for longer. eCase helps care providers to streamline operations and simplifies staff rostering to ensure the right carer is available at the right time and that clinical care needs are met without compromise. Real-time data enables better decision making and improves staff efficiencies to allow carers to focus on providing true person-centred care. With our easy-access client portal, staff and family can work together to develop personalised care management plans. This provides transparency and ensures clients and their families feel in control and confident that unique care needs are being met.

Why use eCase?

We use the best of modern technology to help you give clients personalised, high quality care in the Home, supporting them to live a happy, independent life for longer.

Workforce retention

Contemporary, easy-to-use technology designed to reduce the time spent on admin. This frees up more time to deliver exceptional care and makes work for home carers more enjoyable and satisfying.

Improved productivity

Automated processes and streamlined operations improve productivity. Smart scheduling and resource allocation supports the delivery of person-centred care with carers matched carefully to client needs.

Accurate care data

Instant access to real-time data supports informed decision-making for exceptional care delivery and outcomes. Surface the most critical information for each interaction through a single client record.

Financial Management

A single system to manage funding and billing with full transparency across all areas of your home care business. Provides oversight of revenue and expenditure tracking and analysis to enable informed business planning.

Key features for Home Care

Mobile App

Easy access to client profiles, clinical information, care plans and appointments wherever you are.

  • Scheduling and clinical information available to staff at any time, whether on the move or attending clients at home.
  • Optimise home care solutions by accessing online clinical tools even in remote areas.
  • Encourages collaboration for improved clinical and client care decision-making.
  • Minimises any potential risk to wellbeing with real-time communication.

Workforce scheduling

Automated scheduling and staff management capabilites mean quality, person-centred care

  • Automated rosters enable client preferences to remain key to staff scheduling.
  • Staff availability and conflict can be managed with minimal time and attention.
  • Rosters can be replicated and adjusted as needed, considering availability, location and qualifications.
  • Reduced admin improves the staff experience, and creates more time for what actually matters.

Client & Family Portal

A single place to access care information across inter-disciplinary teams for an enhanced client and family experience.

  • Integrated and accessible connectivity provides a holistic view of each client at any time.
  • All health systems seamlessly interconnect giving a single source of personalised information.
  • Real-time communication enables meaningful and impactful decision-making for optimal home care.
  • Data transparency and detailed client needs support appropriate staffing decisions and minimise risk.

Single Client Record

Individualised care plans, clinical assessments and accurate client information are easily accessible supporting a consistent quality of care.

  • A simple integrated software solution that removes room for error.
  • Access to a full range of tools and services that ensure data privacy.
  • Seamless continuity of care for clients and staff across inter-disciplinary teams.
  • Informed and safe decisions can be made at every stage of care.

Reporting & Analytics

Customised tools and digital solutions enable informed business decisions underpinned by transparency and accessibility.

  • Analytical dashboards save time and resources giving instant access to key data points.
  • Intuitive reporting tools enable advanced data insights.
  • Visual data crucial to highlighting patterns and behaviours.
  • Data easily shared amongst key stakeholders for enhanced communication and understanding.

“eCase stood out as the home care solution that could meet our business needs today as well as offer the functionality and scalability we will need as we grow. We’re committed to achieving strong business growth over the next 5 years and eCase is the right system to support us on that journey,”

Kelly Seed|Director, Ali’s Home Healthcare

“A collaboration with Health Metrics ensures we have a system fit for purpose for each of our models of care, as well as a technology partner who can scale with us as we expand our services. The eCase platform will also reduce the administrative workload for our staff and allow us to focus on what we do best which is to provide high quality care.”

Stephanie Buckland|CEO, Amana Living

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