Easier access to high-quality, personalised Disability Care

The eCase platform simplifies the complexity of Disability Care. Our innovative platform has powerful functionality that streamlines operations, improves efficiencies and helps centralise resources to improve the staff experience so they can focus on what matters – delivering exceptional care. Complete with integrated NDIS pricing models that track service cost and benefit limits, staff rostering capability and third-party integration, eCase can handle the technological strain to reduce the time your team spends on administrative tasks.

Why use eCase?

We use the best of modern technology to help deliver personalised Disability Care that’s accessible to all.

Automated processes 

Remove unnecessary admin and streamline operations for improved efficiencies 


Save time and stress with NDIS-compliant information at your fingertips

Streamlined Finances 

Enjoy the benefits of fully integrated accounting software

Workforce Optimisation 

Easily match staff skills to specific needs and maximise your workforce 

Key features for Disability Care

Mobile App 

Easy access to client information, schedules and case notes on the move.   

  • Staff can view real-time scheduling and medical information, whether on the move or attending home visits.
  • Optimise home care solutions by accessing online clinical tools even in remote areas.
  • Connect and collaborate with the wider team for improved clinical decision-making.
  • Manage any potential risks with real-time communication.

Client Portal 

A single place to access comprehensive care information for an enhanced client experience.  

  • Care recipients and families can access activity budgets at any time.
  • All health systems seamlessly interconnect giving a single source of personalised information.
  • Real-time communication enables meaningful and impactful decision-making for optimal care.  
  • Transparency of information supports appropriate staffing decisions.


Efficient staff management improves personalised care outcomes.  

  • Automated rosters enable client preferences to remain key to staff scheduling .
  • Staff availability and schedule conflict can be managed with minimal time and attention.
  • Rosters can be replicated and adjusted as needed, taking into account availability, location and qualifications.  
  • Reduced admin improves the staff experience, and creates more time for what actually matters.


All software is designed to meet compliance regulations from key funding bodies  

  • A simple integrated software solution that meets quality and safeguards standards.
  • Compliant with NDIS, HCP, CHSP, DSS and DVA as well as other funding bodies.
  • Built-in compliance simplifies and removes lengthy administrative processes.
  • Supports and captures NDIS requirements including billing and incident tracking.  


Customised tools and digital solutions enable operational oversight and informed decisions  

  • Analytical dashboards save time and resources giving instant access to key data points.
  • Intuitive reporting tools access advanced data insights.
  • Visual data crucial to highlighting patterns and behaviours.  
  • Data easily shared amongst participants and carers for enhanced communication and understanding.

“In a matter of only a couple of months with eCase in place, I can say I’d be really happy for the Commissioners to come in now because I can give them any documentation that they want to see.”

Todd Yourell|CEO, St Andrews Village Ballina

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