Health Metrics is pleased to announce the extension of the eCase software platform with the eCase Resident Management module featuring automated and centralised funding and billing capabilities.

eCase Resident Management replaces manual, time-consuming spreadsheet-based processes, to provide greater workforce efficiency while increasing the accuracy and integrity of your funding and billing data.

eCase streamlines management of your resident funding with online claiming, including end of month claims management and the optimisation of claims. Comprehensive AN-ACC management tools allow you to identify gaps between care needs and classifications, understand the case mix across multiple or single sites, and analyse real-time resident data to predict the total revenue from AN-ACC. eCase allows you to gain greater oversight of expected and actual funding with automated government funding reconciliations.

Easily report on key industry metrics with greater confidence in the accuracy of your data. Automated annual governance, financial and management reporting functionality provides for the efficient generation of multiple reports including:

  • Aged Care Financial Report (ACFR)
  • Aged Care Bonds Surveys
  • Financial and Prudential reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Resident financial profile analysis
  • Budget reporting and revenue forecasting

For providers operating both aged care facilities and retirement villages, eCase provides a single resident financial profile that allows for individual billing of additional services, along with simultaneous dual-status billing for residents moving from villages to aged care.

The centralised management of resident charges allows for tailored invoicing of additional service offerings, such as newspapers, hairdressing, or taxis. Repeating items, such as a resident receiving a newspaper from Monday to Friday, need only be added to the system once, as built-in automation ensures the financial details populate the system. A full financial history of the resident can be viewed, with itemisation of resident charges and customised invoice and statement generation.

Generate exit billing statements and refund reports, allowing for efficient final reviews to expedite RAD/RAC/Bond/Loan refunds. eCase’s in-built refund rules always ensure adherence to Prudential compliance refund rules, significantly reducing the risk of a compliance breach.

eCase can be integrated to the financial system of your choice, allowing you to streamline your financial processes. Management can then analyse all financial data in real-time with eCase’s analytical dashboards, providing greater understanding and allowing for more informed decision-making.