We were delighted to recently partner with the team at DCM Group (The Weekly Source) to deliver a webinar on the topic of New Models of Aged Care. The webinar featured an interactive panel discussion on the innovative business models driving industry leaders and how they are creating a user pays continuum of care.

Our panelists included Byron Cannon, CEO LDK, Phil Usher, CEO Odyssey Care, Stuart Hutcheon, Managing Partner and Paul Brindle, CEO Health Metrics.

The following topics covered during the discussion have been provided as short video segments:

1. The LDK Business Model

2. What are Stewart Brown’s clients saying

3. The Odyssey business model

4. How technology can be the enabler

5. Homecare packages in a retirement living setting

6. The wrap

If you’re interested in learning about new models of Aged Care and want to stay ahead of the latest industry trends you can view the full webinar here.