Thursday 31 August, 2017

Tim Ferguson

Tim Ferguson, one of Australia’s most accomplished comedians, will keynote and officially open the Health Metrics World Conference the morning of September 21.

Ferguson, who has battled Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 30 years, continues to tour the world with comedy trio the Doug Anthony All Stars [DAAS] and has written bestselling novels, comedy manuals, and live shows.  He travels in a wheelchair, but has a brilliant ability to delight and amuse audiences. He proves that disability can be conquered. “My wheelchair helps me move faster than most people!”

Ferguson lives independently with the ongoing support of medical professionals and loved ones, but says many young sufferers aren’t as lucky.

In July he made headlines urging Australians to “help end the hell” for young women and men left disabled by MS and languishing in nursing homes designed for the elderly.

About 800 Australians aged under 40 with the disease can no longer live independently.

“They’re being put into aged care homes because their MS is far worse than mine and they’re having trouble being able to care for themselves,” he says.

Health Metrics CEO Steven Strange says he “is thrilled to have Tim open the conference and  provide his unique point of view and insights to the future of disability care in this country.”

For more information on tickets and agenda, visit the conference website or call 1300 810 119.

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