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People with disabilities experience prejudice in employment in the same way women did 50 years ago

Thursday 21 September, 2017

“Employment for people with disabilities is the next wave,” Tim Ferguson said in his opening address of the Health Metrics World Conference at Crown Melbourne this morning.

“Where women were 50 years ago in terms of employment, is where people with disabilities are now; an unspoken soft prejudice, underpinned by something like the NDIS,” the comedian said.

Ferguson, who has battled Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 30 years, entertained the audience with hilarious anecdotes of adventures with the Doug Anthony All Stars.

He also talked of ways he tried to hide his MS symptoms for many years, but the blunt nature of Australian culture made it very hard to do.

“Show up with a cane, perfect strangers will demand to know what’s wrong with your leg,” he said.

“Now, my wheelchair helps me move faster than most people!”

Passionate about breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities, Ferguson quipped “there’s no better place to make change than from a wheelchair, as no one will argue with you.”


The Health Metrics World Conference continues tomorrow at Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne.






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