Daniel Johns
ASI Solutions

Daniel Johns has been working in IT since 1995, progressively leading larger teams, heading up customer outcome discussions, & delivering solutions. Starting with ASI Solutions in 2013, Daniel heads up the services division, chartered specifically to build the managed services business, working with key stakeholders within organisations to determine what the business needs are well before technology enters the conversation. Too often businesses are sold technology for the sake of technology itself, without really understanding what the requirements of the business are. 74% of IT projects come in over budget, and less than 50% achieve the benefits they promised. Daniel strives to ensure the projects he is involved with do not become one of the negative statistics. As Head of Services, Daniel manages a team of 57 technical staff & managers across multiple departments & countries, growing the managed services business of ASI by 300% over 3 years. He is passionate about working collaboratively with businesses to help them identify their unique needs & deliver outcomes that directly address them.

  1. Modernizing data centers is about changing the organization’s mindset from hardware to software, and embracing automation.
  2. Businesses that modernize their data centers will save money, innovate better, and react to market changes more quickly


Modernizing your data centre is about empowering the business, not the infrastructure