David Bruce has spent the last 25 years involved with the collation, analysis and management of information central to the efficient operation of complex properties and facilities.  His experience includes the Education, Government, Transportation and Not for Profit sectors. David is the Managing Director of OMNILINK with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Christchurch and recently established in the UK. 

Along with his fellow Director he has assisted with the launch of OMNILINK into the United Kingdom and Ireland securing a national excellence award for Export in 2016.

David has qualifications in Surveying and Land Administration and has been involved in numerous industry advisory groups as well as research via engagement as a commercial partner with cooperative research centres. David has a passion for the value to a business that information that can be located linked and integrated. 


David Bruce


Integrated Information Management - The Foundation of a Modern Connected Facility

  • How integrated data drives better decisions
  • The benefits of corporately controlled and centralised data
  • The value of standards and re-purposing data
  • Extracting the information value from capital works for life cycle management