Wednesday 28 March, 2018

PainCheck has entered into a commercial agreement with Health Metrics that will see the two companies collaborating to provide the integration of the PainChek App within the eCase Platform.

The PainChek™ App improves a patient’s quality of life by providing to caregivers real-time, point of care diagnostic information, utilising artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, to detect facial expressions and modalities that indicate the presence of pain.

Health Metrics owns, operates and licences access to the eCase software solution designed to document clinical data and improve the efficiency of the operations of healthcare providers including the Residential Aged Care (RAC) market in Australia and overseas.

The two companies will now collaborate through the integration of the PainChek App within the eCase Platform and the co-promotion of the integrated service to healthcare providers and caregivers commencing with the Australian Residential Aged Care sector.

Philip Daffas CEO of PainChek said “the Health Metrics eCase platform is a market leading Enterprise Solution for the Residential, Retirement Living, Home Care and Disability sectors. The integration of the PainChek™ App will provide consumers with easy access to PainChek and the benefit of full automation and integration of pain assessment results within their Clinical Management Systems (CMS). This can help RAC Providers produce better care outcomes; reduce costs and duplication of effort; comply with regulatory standards for pain management; and capture associated revenues.”

Health Metrics CEO, Steven Strange added “the PainChek™ App has been received positively by the RAC community. Health Metrics are committed to providing our customers with best in class technology and welcome PainChek to our eCase platform.”

The PainChek™ App and eCase integration process commences immediately and will be made commercially available to all Health Metrics customers from April 2018.

For more information contact Kellee Ireland, Sales Director on 1800 810 081.

The PainChek™ Technology:

PainChek™ uses cameras in smartphones and tablets to capture a brief video of the person, which is analysed in real time using facial recognition software to detect the presence of facial micro- expressions that are indicative of the presence of pain.

This data is then combined with other indicators of pain, such as vocalisations, behaviours and movements captured to calculate a pain severity score. Due to its speed, ease of use and it’s reproducibility, PainChek™ will be able to be used to detect and measure a person’s pain, and then further measurements can be used to monitor the effectiveness of pain management.

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