Retirement Villages

In an era where under-standing the consumer is critical, providers of Retirement Villages require a complete software system that manages clients, care and business operations. eCase Retirement Village Software has been designed with a CRM and admission system to ensure operators can maximize the occupancy of their villages. The software manages entry fees, Deferred Management Fees and exit fees, allowing oversight of maintenance and operating costs of multiple properties within a retirement village. With a detailed asset registry, eCase provides calculation of ongoing costs and depreciating assets.

As residents of Retirement Villages may require to spend short times in Residential Aged Care facilities, eCase allows for dual and triple status clients, and has a Single Client Record Architecture that integrates across all modes of care, or can integrate with other software programs if required.

eCase can support a client that is in a Retirement Village, receiving Home Care services, with movements in and out of Respite within a Residential Aged Care facility.  Optional care components can provide operators with clinical tracking and medication management (amongst other things).

eCase Retirement Village software:

• Manage potential and existing clients
• Generate quotes and contracts
• Manage DMF and other fees/charges
• Business intelligence dashboards and reporting
• Integrated (optional) care modules
• Home Care integration
The eCase Home Care system integrates with our Retirement Village software

The eCase Home Care system integrates with our Retirement Village software