Health Metrics Advisory Team

The Health Metrics Advisory Team (HAT) is positioned to deliver consultancy services to the aged care sector by providing confirmation of sustainable business practices, identifying solutions for growth and preparing organisations for the challenges of 2017 and beyond.

HAT recognises the escalating challenges of legislation and regulatory obligations in a changing climate; a growing demand for technology, changes in consumer behaviour and expectations within the industry and escalating competition for business in the sector.

The Advisory Team offers a range of core consulting services aimed at strengthening business and adding value. Aligning practice with legislation, HAT ensures organisational compliance withexternal agencies such as AACQA and also provides pre-accreditation site audits and reports and liaison and correspondence with Federal and State level government departments in the sector.

HAT can work with organisations to complete ACAR and Approved Provider applications, transfer of places documentation and assistance with health care tenders.  HAT can undertake risk management reviews and risk mitigation solutions for all aspects of business, beyond quality assurance, to identification of capabilities and transformational initiatives.

HAT will adapt to specific and individual requirements resulting from short or long term organisational projects, strategic reviews, and external compliance reports.

HAT services address and complement the day-to-day (business as usual) practices or alternatively can focus on highly strategic matters; for example, The Consumer Driven Future, Deregulation, Income Protection and Occupancy Strategy.

Whether HAT works with existing embedded systems and practices, or assists Providers in developing new strategy, our consultants can provide the analysis and information to move businesses forward within new or existing domains.

Health Metrics Advisory Team